You Can Do Magic – America (Lyrics) HQ

“There would be no passion in this world if we never had to fight for what we love.” You Can Do Magic – America (Lyrics) HQ



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  1. Walang kwentang video .Puro drawing. Hindi Ito ang video. nasaan ang original na video ng kanta nung 80s? Napakaganda ng original na video neto. Number 1! Sayang hindi ko lang makita!
    Sa halip ito!

  2. You want to become President? It's simple 1. Foundation structure core element? 2. We hold them to 10 Commandments until we Honor our word. 3. You give my Crown I Deliver the people and Churches EXO-D-USA Philolohpy will go with the Library Congress Exo-psychology 8 define Social grouping. ( Didn't Master the Fusion element I did it for grace glory of God and his love for you and his people around the world ❤️💞 Why? Because you have be Royalty by Birth Ordain by God keep order 🤪🤔 you find the way in how? Revolutionary Ideas Contribution You have challenge Doctrine why? They expect at bullshit I beat them all🤗🤔 Because they know if we get God 🌞🌎 Financial Stability on earth? Right? I have people on my Computer now steeling information why?

  3. You know this is 2019 and we're still watching heterosexuals and every single song there ever was even songs for Elton John are we ever going to make this switch make it change even it up put in different couples do we have to make everything the same way as it was since the white man came to America? Give us some variety make us all feel included

  4. I want to dedicate this beautiful song to my Best Friend Trevor Partin.

    ╚══`.¸.TREV PARTINI👄😎👍🏾

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