Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands

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Music video by Styx performing Too Much Time On My Hands. (C) 1981 A&M Records Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands



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  1. 1981 I was 25 and had too much time on my hands and this song made me feel guilty , I went to work at Armco Steel here in Houston only to get laid off 2 years later ,

    O that unemployment line and it was back to too much time on my hands. Then I went from $17 a hour at Armco to $7 a hour at Kroger.

    Talking about a kick in the rump being a blue collar worker.

  2. I totally get why Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon parodied this mv. It was a laugh back in elementary school as it is now. I thank my third grade classmate for introducing me to Styx!

  3. Well here I am in 2019 still watching and enjoying having too much time on my hands. It is amazing that the beat still grabs you and you can sing along. Why one asks? Well guess what guys you can hear every word. By todays standards ridiculous. fantastic Styx you will be remebered.

  4. Who here hopes that if(WHEN?!) Styx goes into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, that Dennis DeYoung will perform one more time with the rest of the band at the ceremony?

  5. Arnold Horshack on drums, Mickey Thomas from Starship dresses as a cocktail bartender and plays keyboards, Napoleon Dynamite Jon Heder on vocals/guitar, King Leonidas Gerard Butler on bass, and one of the original Three Musketeers on lead guitar…the ultimate supergroup called Styx. Sorry but everytime I see JY in this video he reminds me of one of those medieval musketeers and I imagine him shouting “TOUCHÉ!!!” ,drawing a sword and putting on one of those old school hats with a long feather at the end. lol

  6. Tommy was an awesome front man. I wonder where he would have ended up had he not joined Styx. As I understand it, he was a hard rocker at heart.

  7. Ahh back in Kern county again….shooting various guns….went up the mountain cracked off a few guns in Tehach….Freemen True and True….. They do indeed love classic rock in the sickest way.

  8. Too much time on my hands Father's day 2019. No calls nor visits from my kids & my bro. left for 4 days. OH….What to do, what to do? Twiddling my thumbs~~JRR

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