Venom – At War With Satan

Venom’s At War With Satan Venom – At War With Satan



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  1. this is motorhead with posers satanic txt thats all what can make british metal music industry everything is money in this country will be market for cat shit they will be singing about this they working like fucking Factory this band was first which i listened 25 years ago still like tchem but keep your eyes open for money maker musician like this or CoF industry no idea no passion

  2. if you are going to hell, and have no problem with it, make sure you get all you can out of this life, cause afterwards, you are going to be in total pain and misery, no escaping once you there, weeping and gnashing of teeth, screaming for a drop of water, and other unimaginable tortures, good luck

  3. How come every time I go to a Venom video on YouTube everyones always talkin about hell and shit? Almost like alot of Venom fans were raised by Baptist preachers or somethin and they can't escape the boundaries of religion, as if they felt more "hell" than "heaven". Regardless its still a "church" orientated world and boundary. Maybe its cuz I was raised by radically groovy parents who were Atheist that I just don't get the heaven/hell thing any more than I get the fear of the Big Bad Wolf, dig?

  4. Y esta es la historia de un lugar donde todo es valido

    Pero vino el catolismo con sus mata brujas
    Yo puedo vivir sin el Vaticano
    Tengo el trinche del DIABLO
    M. I. E. R. D. A. S.

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