Sepultura – Refuse/Resist [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Sepultura – Refuse/Resist Sepultura – Refuse/Resist [OFFICIAL VIDEO]



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  1. YouTube would not play this for me on june 4 2019, 30 years since the massacre in Tiananmen Square. Is this some bullshit or just a coincidence? I tried to play it four times on two different devices & it simply would not play.

  2. Remember #revolution
    Remember #FuckThePolice

    Resitence is holy
    Revoultion solution just
    Kill without mercy
    Show no fear
    Let's slay de corporate steer
    Let's go bowling with banker heads
    Let's rock the political deads
    Burn their town down
    They came to take away your rights
    They charge you for death sights
    They must hang
    Are you coming to the hanger tree?
    Are you head banging for liberty?

    Bring on the thunder
    I'll drag you deep down under
    I'll drown you in shit
    You little ass donkey trump pet
    Fucking maggot

  3. The tianamen square protests were illegal and were put down legally despite what the west seeks ppl to believe. Long live the great people’s republic and down with western ideology. People here comment when they have zero knowledge. Snowflakes are not welcome the truth is.

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