Plasmatics *Rock ‘N’ Roll* (HQ)

You’re Dressed In Black Leather
You’re My Kind Of Guy
’cause You’d Die To Live And You
Live To Die
Rock And Roll
Rock And Roll
Rock And Roll
Rock And Roll
Come On Come On Come On Come
On To Me
Come On Come On Come On Come
On Come On To Me
Come On Come On Come On Come
On Come On To Me
Make Love To Me
Make Time With Me
Get Get In On With Me
Hey Daddy Won’t You Give Me
Gotta Get Somewhere We Can
Be Alone

Wendy O. Williams (R.I.P. 1998) Vocals
Chris “Junior” Romanelli Bass, Keyboards
Wes Beech Guitars (rhythm)
Richie Stotts Guitars (lead)
T.C. Tolliver Drums, Percussion

Recorded and mixed at Dierks Studios 1, Köln, West Germany. Plasmatics *Rock ‘N’ Roll* (HQ)



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  1. I need to know which song came first this one? or Alice Coopers Poison …. they sound very similar

  2. This was and is the only band that scared those ass holes in power who control and still control all our lives. Plasmatics were a sledge hammer that smashed through all the bull shit we are forced to live with. I do not think Windy killed her self I find nothing that makes sense about her doing that. It was and is a great loss to all of us who like REAL CUTTING EDGE ROCK AND ROLL. The Plasmatics were a force of truth and music without compromise. They mattered, still do, and always will! I miss you Windy!

  3. I actually first heard of the Plasmatics when stationed in Japan in the 80's, I use to go every weekend to a club called Yananuda's, and they specialized in Punk, Metal and New Age , progressive music. And they started playing this album a lot, so I was hooked.

  4. Si no encuentras alguna canción o grupo, házmelo saber, intentaré encontrarla, espero que os guste el canal, también tengo más cosas en mi página, con otros nombres y tipos de música, pero no pastel, gracias y saludos, espero que os guste

  5. This is better than a lot of songs called Rock and Roll by a lot of other bands take it from a born rocker die a rocker kind of dude

  6. Wendy & Plasmatics will sound in my brain forever! Growing up in the early 80's with "Coup d'Etat" album…listen the album every day, best album in 1982 + Motorhead "Iron Fist" …I cry & get goosebumps everytime i listen this…glory goddess of rock

  7. A sleazy, raving nympho or not? Didn't even write her own words, compared to Joan Jett and Madonna. Xtina is a TRUE slut, and admits it.

  8. I lived in Hawaii 80-83 Kailua I started getting into punk rock!! this band is straight up Metal Man it don't matter what it is i❤it my father would come in my room and look for that particular record album and smash into pieces even though I paid for it!😲Guess he didnt like the electrical tape on nibbies😋I love fast hard music🙃the guitarist is fanominal!!Kiss,Sabbath,still gave respect cause I stopped listening when METAL came around!! ESPECIALLY Black Sabbath but Metal music my true love no doubt! the Damned and Mistress of taboo two of my favorite songs I love them all though and I love Lenny we miss you brother smoking a joint right now Destin Florida baby😀😊😎🌞🌞🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘💋💋💋

  9. her sensuality was never the lip biting please don't rape me daddy kind was it?
    What an interesting person. Raw. Sexy. Smart. Scary!

  10. My band VILE played with the Plasmatics at 1st Ave in Minneapolis. One of the highlights in my playing career.

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