GBH- Sick boy

GBH sick boy cool song and pics GBH- Sick boy


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  1. Birmingham, 100clubs, dulwich, lewisham and many other places in London ,gbh , English dogs , broken bones, uk subs , discharge, instigators , peter and the test tubes conflict the 80's were great for punk , also had the pleasure of having jock and the German drummer staying at my squat in London as they were from Birmingham and stayed partying in places like the old fire station in hackney. Great memories.

  2. There was something about the energy this music tapped into in the late 80's and early 90's. Some of the people I knew who jammed to this music didn't allow society to crush them for being different and thinking differently about things. For example, surfers I knew who were into this music were injecting skateboarding into their style and blasting aerials with surfboards that definitely weren't designed for it like they are today. The style was also frowned upon by contest chumps.

    You got DOCKED points at surf contests for even trying an aerial because it was stupidly considered an affront of some kind to traditional surfing. The truth is the old fucks didn't know how to do aerials and the action intimidated them. When I'd pull off an aerial or even just try one and hit some height, some people in the lineup and beach hooted, but the surfing establishment was still shitting on us. One of many reasons I focused on free-surfing instead of competition. Unfortunately, back then very few sponsors paid any money for free-surfing like they later did, so you'd have to keep a day job as well even if you were good at it.

    Nowadays, top competition surfers doing aerials is routine as well as surfers being paid to free-surf outside of organized contests.

    Same shit with snowboarding. I first saw a Burton "Performer" snowboard for sale in front of a surf shop and it seemed like a natural progression from skiing to me as a surfer and sometimes skateboarder. I mowed lawns, delivered newspapers, etc. so I had the money and got it. I was immediately and intensely mocked on and off the slopes by friends, family and strangers for daring to ride (or even just wanting to ride) this new-fangled thing that confused their sensibilities.

    I was kicked off the slopes after only one ride, etc. — comments on the slopes such as, "Is that a beginner's ski or something?" followed by derisive laughter by people who literally acted like my choice of device for going down the slopes was an affront towards them. I had fun anyway, kept doing it in backwoods places — and now it's a mainstream thing and in the Olympics.

    The pressure to conform and not push boundaries can be crushing. Sometimes you just gotta go with what feels right for you, ignore the naysaying peanut gallery and believe in yourself instead of the sneering crowd. Do what's right, not what regressive people think is right.

  3. Saw them last year at rockfest in montebello quebec and broke a rib, chipped a tooth and lost a big toe nail. All fken worth it! RIP Mickey

  4. 岩田はもう聴いてないだろうな、俺はまだまだヘッドバンキングしてるぜ!リーマン見て、あんな大人になりたくねーなんて言ってたwwwなっちまったな、お前らーーーー!!!!

  5. Brings me back to living in motels with my strung out mom as a kid..took off and a casset of this and conflict was one of the few things I had 7th grade on lol.. like 19 years later thanks guys

  6. 1,000 dislike. Though are the poeple who say green day is more punk rock then them. And I say FUCK off


  8. now in my 38 i really like punk very much,i was and am into metal more,but now i can understand…maybe becouse i m sick and tired of many thing around me,i want to brake things and do damage

  9. Fuck Rancid and Green Day. The most mainstream I will ever go with US bands is F.E.A.R.

  10. Oi, bruv. I'm tryna sneak about and crack some heads, but I'm dummy sicc and the clap of my docs keeps alerting the coppers.

  11. Like the back of his jacket (see photo) . Love the Adicts and their style of punk,oh GBH Are as well a very good punk outfit

  12. Don´t type here please.
    Show some integrity.
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Me excluded.
    The Messenger

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