UFO – Love to Love

UFO’s Love to Love from the album Lights Out | An underrated song from an even higher underrated band UFO – Love to Love



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  1. Listening to this song is like flying over the ashes of our civilization. It reminds me that we used to be something great, something special, but we lost it. It’s the same feeling I get when I look at the Notre Dame cathedral. It’s all burning down around us. What will replace it? Nothing worth remembering. Just hollow, generic, multicultural pablum stretching until the end of time. Our music—our culture—will never be as great as it once was.

    I need a drink

  2. UFO. One of my favorite Bands. Srill 2019. Never get tired of their, music The way, in which the Lyrics, are delivered, The Mood and Flow of their sound. Momentum. 'Love to Love'. Nostalgic. XXX

  3. Cuando escuché por primera vez está canción, no podía imaginar que esta banda fuese tan poco conocida (de esto hace más de 15 años), aunque lo podría entender porque no existía YouTube. Sin embargo con YouTube ya inserto en nuestras vidas, a duras penas tiene un millón y medio de visitas. Igualmente, esta obra de arte va a sonar hasta la posteridad de los tiempos, la masividad de algunos hoy en día no es más que una moda pasajera

  4. É o espírito do Rock 70. Essa introdução, essa bateria louca e uma guitarra fodástica. Sem contar o espetáculo desse teclado e o baixo que tá uma coisa doida. Essa balada é pra curtir cada pedaço.

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