The Guess Who – Canned Wheat – 08 Key (1/2)

The Guess Who’s Key off of the album Canned Wheat released in 1969. Sorry, I had to cut this into two videos due to Youtube time constrictions. The Guess Who – Canned Wheat – 08 Key (1/2)



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  1. Always had this album around. First on record and 8-track, then on cassette, and now CD. Especially like the song "Old Joe". Reminds me of my father. Everyone called him Joe. I miss him! I've got almost all of their albums on CD and I have their DVD concert…it's unbelievable!!!

  2. The best Guess Who album ever. As a sound engineer, amongst other hats I wore, I used this song for testing audio systems since the early seventies. Wait a minute, Wheatfield Soul was their best album. Okay, both albums are number uno.
    As to the Barrabbas issue. True enough, it wasn't him on the cross, he was the one let go…according to Christian scripture. But, hey, it works in the song fine for me.

  3. Cummings, in the liner notes, sort of regrets including the drum sol, saying that it detracts. A shorter (but still jammy) version was recorded 2 years earlier for the CBC TV  show "Let's Go". I put both versions in my Guess Who playlist. Thanks for the upload!

  4. Canned Wheat is absolutely one of the best Guess Who album to my ears. Every tracks sounds real good. Cover art work is also nice on this album. Very listenable record this is, great work. No more commenting for this.

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