Suck – Season of the Witch (1970)

From the album Time to Suck, 1970

Official release of this rare South African hard rock album from 1971 that contains wild heavy guitars
and screaming vocals that is on par with any UK underground rock act from that period. Excellent cover versions of ‘Into the Fire’ Deep Purple, ‘War Pigs’ Sabbath and an extended 10 minute version of ‘Season of the Witch’ which is mind frying. Excellent booklet detailing the history of this wild rock group. This is heavy 70’s rock with a real attitude and deserves your attention. CD reissue taken from the original master tapes. The loudest, most controversial and obnoxious revolutionary fist-in-your-face rock album of the early 70`s.Suck`s rapacious musical rampage through a conservative South Africa in 1970 is stuff the legends are made of! “Time to Suck” is all howling guitars! Including covers of “Black Sabbath”, “Grand Funk” and “King Crimson” Suck – Season of the Witch (1970)



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