Pink Floyd – The Embryo (BBC)

The Embryo – is a song by Pink Floyd. It was a concert staple in 1970-71, but was never released on a Pink Floyd studio album Pink Floyd – The Embryo (BBC)



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  1. My lord I cant believe that people who say they are FLOYDIANS say they have never heard this SONG before? I was partying to this when I was a YOUNG teenager, but first heard it when I was about 6 or 7 my 16 year old uncle had it

  2. In 1970 Their Record label `HARVEST RECORDS ,It was a shorter 4 & a half minute version from ` PICNIC, A BREATH OF FRESH AIR 'ALSO it's on A compilation- WORKS from 1980,I still have my original cassette I bought back then ROCK ON FLOYDIANS, PEACE✌🎶🎵🎼🙂💜❣

  3. ouah !!!!le summum du psychadelisme!!!!!aucun autre groupe ne peux nous transporter ainsi dans une autr e dimension!!!!!!50 ans apres et toujours inegalable et inegale!!!!!intemporel et tout simplement magique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The song Pink Floyd pretty much abandoned after being put on a compilation against their knowledge/wishes. It was unfinished and would not see official release again until the American album Works.

    Had the record company left well enough alone they may be would have finished the unfinished track or recorded the punchier version later. At this time (before bootlegs were really big) Pink Floyd was still testing new material out on the audience (this includes what morphed into Animal as early as 1974).

    Flip side, had they finished this, would the track of Echoes been recorded, or how different would it have been? Especially since both the studio of this track and live it used the same bird squeals (unlike this version that does not use the bird noises).

  5. All Pink is, Syd and Syd is Pink Floyd , all of their music written always was incorporated Syd in their lyrics and music no matter how far they went musically Syd was always their main potion into the music …

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