Pink Floyd – Paint Box

B-side of the single Apples and Oranges (1967); Composition: Richard Wright
This is a promotional film for this song, shot for Belgian television on February 18 or 19, 1968, in which the band mimes to the song on a bridge in Brussels. Although Syd Barrett was still a member of the band when the song was recorded (October 1967), the film was shot after his departure and features David Gilmour on guitar, in his first appearance on film with Pink Floyd.The Atomium monument can be seen in the background as the band plays. (Wikipedia) Pink Floyd – Paint Box



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  1. If I had a time machine, I would collect on the bet that Pink Floyd's music will be remembered hundreds of years from now. They're by far my favorite classic rock band & will likely still be enjoyed generations after we're gone. Kinda like Mozart, but better..

  2. Very cool…Cant believe the "day in the life" by the beatles theft and influence, let alone about 3 or 4 other songs at the the time,let alone the new Beat and60s jazz influence I guess,and brit and americano influences…For 1967…THESE GUYS ARE ORIGINAL AND" KERENELED OFF OF", stylistically, from at least 4 or 5 different bands,even the beatles and martin stole a day in the like from this…WOW!!!!

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