Pink Floyd – Matilda Mother

The third Song from The first Album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.
Original UK release date:August 1967
Sys Barrett – Guitar & Vocals
Roger Waters – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Richard Wright – Organ,Piano & Vocals
Nick Mason – Drums Pink Floyd – Matilda Mother



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  1. "Oh mother, tell me more!" When the Beatles heard the genesis of PATGOD in the next studio over at Abbey Road they must thought, "And we thought we were recording a psychedelic album with Sgt. Pepper? These boys are off the chain." LOL

  2. "Syd Barrett guitar and vocals" isn't correct on this song. Richard Wright sang the verses and Barrett sang the chorus. Also the 2 of them sang in harmony on Astronomy Domine. For some reason Wright wasn't credited for singing on Piper at all. He's the most neglected member of Floyd

  3. The version included in The Early Years has different lyrics and is an altogether different recording. The performance is a bit better, the production is less harsh, and the lyrics begin with "There was a boy whose name was Jim."

  4. SYD may have been a "genius" as so many say , but Roger Waters turned out to be a must better song writer and singer than SYD ever was or could have hoped to be, then when David Gilmour entered, Pink Floyd really hit the big time. No disrespect for Syd, mental illness is not something one ask for. So Syd and Richard, R.I.P.

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