Pink Floyd -“Echoes” Pompeii

Pink Floyd performing at the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii , Italy
he main footage in and around the amphitheatre was filmed over four days in October 1971, using the band’s regular touring equipment, including studio-quality 24-track tape recorders. Additional footage filmed in a Paris television studio the following December was added for the original 1972 release. The film was then re-released in 1974
he film has subsequently been released on video numerous times, and in 2003 a “Director’s Cut” DVD appeared which combines the original footage from 1971 with more contemporary shots of space and the area around Pompeii Pink Floyd -“Echoes” Pompeii



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  1. Dave Gilmore should do a show from here and it should be televised round the world, he wouldn't ned to have a crowd there

  2. June 25, 942AM (amanecido)
    Gilmour is the soul of Pink Floyd.
    A true beast, one of the best musicians, period.

  3. Nasa is wasting money when floyd can capture the heat bubbling from vulcans forge

  4. Yes I get it. They had large speakers. OMG what a directoral and editing KlusterFuck.
    Somebody please get the original film and recut.

  5. Перешёл на это видео из Википедии по запросу "психоделический рок", вроде. Думал, тут будет что-то жёсткое прям)

  6. My dad tells the story that he was supposed to be working there to help setup the cameras but his hemorrhoids were flaring something fierce so he had to take the day off

  7. Son …always remember British bands are the best always ..never forget that ..don’t let ANYONE
    Tell you otherwise , no other band is like the floyd

  8. Michael Angelo Batio said "Can Gilmour play a thousand notes and tell a thousand stories – in a few seconds?"

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