My Sleeping Karma – Ephedra

Album: Soma (2012) My Sleeping Karma – Ephedra


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  1. I am listening to this and watching (while being high) live painting by Jamie Gaviola Fine Art on facebook. I feel something that I've never felt before.

  2. How I get here? I was listen Johnny Cash.. and suddenly Dark Country… and then.. gothic… black.. doom metal and now this and it's amazing!!!

  3. These guys rip! Their sound is like auditory pot. It makes me feel mellow and trippy at the same time. Such a great sound, and sometimes it's nice to focus on all the different riffs instead of vocals.

  4. I’m trying to trip and this energy Australia ad is there. Wtf bro just let me trip, I have all the energy I need within the mushroom.

  5. They soo – almost so fcukin' "got it" … but yet, there's something missing – journey continues – Peace'ya All 🤘

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