Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Nightingales & Bombers – As Above So Below (1975)

Nightingales & Bombers is an album released in 1975 by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.
“The title of this album was inspired by a recording made in Surrey, England during the Second World War, by an ornithologist intending to record Nightingales. The bombers flew over at the same time and were recorded by accident. The recording has been incorporated in ‘As Above, So Below'”. – Manfred Mann 1975

The recording was made on 19 May 1942 by a BBC sound engineer for the BBC. Intending to capture the nightingale’s song he also, by accident, recorded the sound of RAF bombers on their way to attack Mannheim, Germany. In that raid 197 planes were dispatched and 12 were lost.

Manfred Mann — organ, synthesisers
Mick Rogers — guitars, vocals
Chris Slade — drums, percussion
Colin Pattenden — bass
Ruby James — backing vocals
Doreen Chanter — backing vocals
Martha Smith — backing vocals
David Millman — viola
Chris Warren-Green — violin
Nigel Warren-Green — cello
Graham Elliott — cello
David Boswell-Brown — cello Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Nightingales & Bombers – As Above So Below (1975)



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  1. Just WOW! The irony. The contrast of the naturally beautiful and innocent sound of birds, with the harsh foreboding rumble of the intended evil planes. It's obvious what belongs on earth, and who's intrusive…

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