Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-

Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit”
Live on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

From the Dvd “Fly Jefferson Airplane” Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-



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  1. I remember watching these shows drunk and hi transfixed to the black and white TV we had. Then switch to like Lost in Space or Laugh In. Come Too Saturday morning and watch Gigantor. It was good to grow up in Long Beach, CA. Go to the Pike or Tin Can Beach.

  2. 61 yrs here remember some of it I remember things on the news about the movement and the police and all hippies at 10 yrs remember Woodstock on the news and thought it was cool my father didn't he called them all druggies and they were lazy

  3. Lol. Jetzt reicht es für Youtube scheinbar bereits aus, daß ein Song aus einer Zeit der Drogenverherrlichung stammt, um das ganze Video mit Altersfreigabe zu flaggen 😉

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