Jane – Daytime 1972

This 1972 debut from Krautrockers Jane contains one of the finest Gibson Les Paul solos ever committed to record to be found on the first track.One of the best Krautrock albums. Jane – Daytime 1972



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  1. Ich am 52 now and was blessed to meet Werner Nadolny 3 month ago…now we're in contact…he's sadly very ill…but we'll meet again. He is such a fine!
    Yes, and this after knowing and loving the band since nearly 30 years….thank god!
    And people, don't forget your feelings and love!

  2. Thanks to Pipe Import records & 3 RMT-FM in Melbourne I found out about this fabulous band from West Germany…A a teenager I denounced the Grease & Meatloaf pop pap of the 1970's and instead embraced the wonderful world of Jane and their unique rock… Klaus on guitar, Pete on Drums, Charly on Bass & oh…the wonderful, touching, sincere vocals of Bernd.. Throw in the genius production skills of Conny Plank and you had a taste of a progressive West Germany rocking hard.. and a vision of the future of music all on the superb Brain label…..Together is timeless….

  3. I must have been 17 when I heard that song, and always wanted to play it in my band, but for a reason or another never did, and now after so many years, here we go again, We will try to recreate that atmosphere in concerts this summer in Sicily

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