Hawkwind – Magnu

A track from the album Warrior On the Edge Of Time by Hawkwind from 1975 Hawkwind – Magnu



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  1. I have the original gate fold sleeve album with the shield and CHAOS written on it. Funny thing, the outer sleeve lists this track as "Magnu", but the inner sleeve lists it as "Magno".

  2. Liverpool Stadium ( no longer there ) Stacia such an Amazon woman, next was Cardiff Castle, Space is Deep shook the old place to its foundations, a cosmic explosion, nothing or no one since has shaken the space rock world

  3. This was the very first album I bought, with paper round money, based on a review by Maxim Jakubovski in Science Fiction Monthly. It is still my favourite record, along with Mountain Grill and Space Ritual. Have played this track more than any other in my life. Why does the rest of the world not see what an exquisite piece of music this is?

  4. Check out Hymn of Apollo by Shelley. I did not know this connection until recently, 40 years after hearing this, the greatest track ever…

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