ESPERANTO – Eleanor Rigby

from “Last Tango” ESPERANTO – Eleanor Rigby



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  1. エスペラント、当時、妙に印象に残った、ビートルズ"エリナー・リグビー"の変わったアレンジ・カバー!~ピート・シンフィールドの音、たたみこむヴァイオリン!

  2. Last Tango was the first Esperanto disc I listened to in 1975 but I guess it was not the first of this European band (Belgian and English musicians) The performance is still remarkable! Progressive Rock from the 70's, there is not anything better!

  3. iwonder if anyone can help me in this one… tryin to subsitute the violin by electric guitars so i wanna make a real progressive version…its for a thesis…i try to play it and im not givin up this time

  4. I like the version, so different from the original song, but it hits hard! Esperanto Rock Orchestra was so a phantastic band. Check out song "The Rape", if you like this kind of proge.

  5. and since early 70s where I found it and played it ever since… a must in any Collection as well as… GREATEST show on EARTH's 2 albums…the goings easy and horizons, both released 1970

  6. Thanks guys for your very nice comments. Interesting to see that after so many decades there are still "fans" around! Cheers! Bruno Libert
    By the way the 3 albums were re-released in 2016 by a Japanese cy specialising in 70s Prog bands.

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