Eloy – Mutiny (HQ)

(Eloy/Frank Bornemann/Gordon Bennit) 1975
Taken from the album Power and the Passion
I do not own the rights.


Your father told me I can stay,
but he mistrusts my unfamiliar ways..
He want’s to use the things I’ve learnt,
six hundred years of knowledge sorely earned..
But if we..
can stay together, I don’t mind
The things he tells me
Of defending him in mutiny..
I don’t care..
If you’re there..
I don’t care..

One the farms they’ve made a stand
against the hated iron hands, they’re uniting..
They’re backed by everyone in town
and I must ride to beat them down, how they’re fighting..
But I understand their cause
to fight against the laws, they’re right..
I promised to defend
your father to the end and fight..
The hatred’s there in their eyes,
they’ll break his might it’s no surprise if they do it..
But I must take the other side
and somehow learn to stand and fight and come through it..

Though there’s little chance
that I beat bow and lance, I must..
Our love drives me on
for you’re the only one I can trust.. Eloy – Mutiny (HQ)



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  1. hey bassbach michel…gib niemals auf mein Freund! Das Leben ist zu wertvoll, als dass wir an irgendwelchen Apokalypse Ideen oder Ideologien festhalten sollten. Okay? Ich glaube an die Liebe…und darauf sollten WIR ALLE viel mehr festhalten…
    Kopf hoch und liebt soviel Ihr könnt…damit meine ich nicht an erster Stelle das Körperliche!

  2. This isn't meant to be in a turnament or something like that! Don't you see that every song within a heart really gets us out of any bad thinking and feeling!!??? I never will accept such dump contests. Coz I hear and feel love from so many, ah thousands of masterpieces!

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