Omega – Late night show.

LP “Time robber ” ( 1976 ) Janos Kobor, Lead vocal/Percussion. Laszio Benko, Organ/Synth./Vocals. Tamas Mihaly, Bass/Vocals. Gyorgy Molnar, Guitar/Acou. guitar. Ferenc Debreceni, Drums/Percussion. Omega – Late night show.



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  1. I'm a hungarian, at first Greetings from Gyorvar, Hungary, at second, this version is almost a minute longer than the org. hun release…, the hun is 'round 5'45 🙁

  2. 이 곡은 정말 명곡이다. 들어도 질리지 않는 숭고함이 있어서일까? what a masterpiece!

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