Kraan – Yaqui Yagua ( 1977)

from the album ”Wiederhoren” 1977 .
Kraan is a German band based in Ulm and formed in 1970. It had several minor hits through the 1970s and 1980s. After a break of ten years, the group reunited in 2000. Their early style can be described as Krautrock that turned later to fusion, combining elements of both rock and jazz.. Kraan – Yaqui Yagua ( 1977)



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  1. A great tune. The more rockier bit especially. As most musicians in that fusion type music…they can't half play. The bass player especially, is superb.

  2. να εβλεπες τα σχολια οταν το ποσταρα στις αρχες . εδω μεσα θες να γραψω απο που το εμαθα ? εδω απλα το ανεβασα 🙂

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