Gong Shamal

de l’album Shamal 1975 Gong Shamal



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  1. Folks…this is an amazing album that some how I missed in the 70's. I
    am not a huge David Allen fan and he is not on this cd but this cd
    reminds me of all the prog jazz bands playing in the early to mid
    70's…Brand X, Passport, Genesis, Weather Report, Bill Bruford, Caravan
    (with the quirky awkward lyrics) Yes, and even Miles Davis. all
    wrapped into one! The old adege fits here(hear)…if you don't like the
    music currently playing wait 20 secs and it will change. This has
    made its way quickly into my top 5 all time cds! I highly recommend
    headphones and a some gangja…you will not be disappointed.! Let me
    know what you all think?

  2. Fusion is fantastic! I could care less what critic's and musicians (Jazz purist,Rock purist) who get uncomfortable when the "barriers" of comfortable categories are threatened. I love acoustic Jazz especially from Bebop today. Modern Jazz, even the acoustic draws from fusion and the world around them. That's what Jazz musicians do, Express and communicate. All music can and should cross over in the most artistic way possible. Originality is born from this thinking. Musicians open your ears, critic's close your mouths long enough to open your minds. Then again… Definitely not saying "You HAVE to like something". Just stop being lazy with categorizing music critic's


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