The Sound Defects – Take Out

Album: The Iron Horse

“We make beats.
Beats for your car or your headphones.
Beats for your movie or TV show.
Beats for you to sing along with or rap over.
Beats to make your little sister dance.
This is what we do.
And weve been doing it a while, so were pretty good at it.
So sit back, enjoy the sounds, and let us do what we do best. ” The Sound Defects – Take Out



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  1. Best song ever when cruising around in the 64 Corvair convertible. I play it in a loop, never gets old. Strangers inquire about who the artist is and then comment on how the song goes perfect with the car. Love it!!!!!!!!

  2. I was in the skate shop with my good friend downtown yesterday after class. This song came on while i was setting up a new deck behind the counter, right after smoking a fatty. Shit is so chill

  3. This song makes me want to sample the funk out of it and bring back a hit! Funk music made me do it! Dj Al Bums is in effect mode- the sound defeats is in effect mode- if you’re reading this post you’re in effect mode!

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