Procol Harum – Repent Walpurgis

A great composition a great band, long version from 1971 Procol Harum – Repent Walpurgis


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  1. BELLISSIMA con Heidy dalla lunga treccia bionda, si ballava sulle nuvole 31 12 1970 ore 24.00 ricordi che nn moriranno MAI…..

  2. This is like seeing the most beautiful girl of your dreams and smiles beckoning you and then realize it is only dream.

  3. I have something funny for you. In Italy this tune is known as "Fortuna" (Good Luck). because the original title was changed for whatsoever reasons. So in Italy, Matthew Fisher who is the composer of the tune, have to share credits alongside with Paolo Dossena who gave the composition a new title.

  4. Toujours aussi envoutant … cet orgue … ces notes au piano … ce rock qui m'a rendu fou en 1967 avec "a whiter shade of pale" … je m'en suis pas remis … et là, c'est le summum …

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