Grover Washington, Jr. Mister Magic

Old school is definitely in da house with this classic from 1976. To you young folks out there on Youtube, this is what excellent music is ALL about!! Grover Washington, Jr. Mister Magic



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  1. The jazz band played this song at my daughters high school graduation. 🙌🏽 great blast from my past. Albert Einstein High School Kensington MD represent!

  2. This was played on 101.5 KGB FM in San Diego at least once, possibly by Linda McInnes; it was definitely a female DJ.
    You won't believe it but it's a true story. I was double checking my dial like ??? Did they change the programming?

  3. local rock station played this once on a lark and never played it again. I didn't catch the title. I've finally found you after 7 years.

  4. For me it was hard to choose between this jam and Ronnie Laws doing Always There. Music to cross deserts to…..chasing evil men. Music kept our edge….reminded us of the world and getting back to it.

  5. Grover's guitarist is the best. Davis is I think his name is. Sorry, I believe he has passed away. This song always will remain, RIP

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