Y&T – Mean Streak [official video]

Killer song , from a giant hard rock band
Freestyle guitar performing Y&T – Mean Streak [official video]



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  1. At 46 years old, I can tell you the song isn't just a knock on the ladies, but an overall heads up on people who we have in our lives for whom we will never be good enough.

  2. As a kid growing up in Fremont in the SF Bay Area this was one of my favorite bands. RIP – Joey, Leonard and Phil.

  3. Saw them in Seattle in 84! Man that robot mascot was FUCKING HUGE! They kicked ASS!!! opened for Twisted Sister, killer fucking show!!!🤘🤘🤘 Dave Manketti so underrated!

  4. Hey Dave, I talked to you about computers that one time you came into Access Computers in Santa Clara back in the late 80s, but I never got free tickets to the show, whats up BRO? 🙂

  5. Listen closely…
    He isn't saying STREAK.
    you're welcome haha
    You'll never hear it any other way again

  6. “But you love her so much you don’t see her mean streak” and “You’re never good enough in the eyes of a woman with a mean streak”. Not sure if truer lyrics have ever been written…

    I told my girlfriend about the “Never good enough “ statement, and she laughed and said “So true!”.

  7. Winds of change at the Concord Pavilion was amazing,The wind picked up for the song and then died back down,Daves expression was great! he said ( That was not planned)

  8. My cousin is bud Costa, the bassist. We were told he went to Africa to find himself. I want to find him. I'm his dad's brother child. You're father was known as the. Met him once

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