Y&T – Forever (Lyrics)

Y&T – Forever (Lyrics Only) from the LP Black Tiger released in 1982. No copyright violation intended and for entertainment use only. Y&T – Forever (Lyrics)



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  1. How this band didn't become a household name blows my mind. What happened? They should have been much more famous. I just don't get why they didn't dominate. One of my all time favorite groups.

  2. I grew up with these guys and pretty much memorized all their lyrics for many songs…I literally grew up on their emotional prowess with lyrics…my emotional life is a reflection of their music…seems so strange since I'm now over 50 but it's so true…I ended up marrying my current wife and mother of my children because of the wiring in my head that this music gave me, the past…she's from south America, so simple…so easy to get along with…not expecting too much….so sexy….so forever…not judging me for how much money I make etc…even though I make plenty…she's non-judging…not expecting anything…only love back…and 10 years younger…and it took me forever to find her even though we all have our faults……just remember ' you're the end of the rainbow'…I got lucky…never gave up and now have 2 beautiful babes 6 and 3….but what will happen to them?…such a shame how love has been torn apart in this cruel world of sick politics and greed…I think the days of Y & T are not understood…I think a generation has lost a decade of understanding, at least…I hope the young smart generation takes this to heart….and takes control…

  3. When these guys were just getting started, they performed for one of our high school dances. They were going by Yesterday & Today back then. I also saw them a time or two at one of our local night clubs. They put on a hell of a good show🖒🖒🖒❤❤❤.

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