WASP – L.O.V.E Machine

WASP WASP – L.O.V.E Machine



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  1. the only great lp these guys made, the songs were excellent and so was tony richards drumming (i think that was the guys name) and then he was gone and never heard from again. anyhoo, every lp after that sucked.

  2. I saw WASP when they opened for KISS. They played this, among others. Great show. And Blackie is so overlooked as a fantastic musician. He can sing, play electric guitar as well as bass guitar. Not many musicians can do all that.

  3. The best love machine you'll ever know is Almighty God reaching out and down for your soul by His Son Yeshua/Jesus …..He did it for Richie He'll do it for YOU…

  4. Although Keel is my favorite band and The Final Frontier was and still is an awesome album, the debut album from WASP was and still is the best one i have ever heard.Sleeping in the Fire is the best ballad ever with an awesome, haunting guitar solo. Got to give credit where credit is due…just being honest.

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