Van Halen Mean Street

I don’t own this video what so ever. Belongs to WMG….Purpose of this vid is to listen to some Van Halen greatness. Van Halen Mean Street



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  1. You know Van Halen not only would they play on another level,but this guy's would also sing in an other level,in fact rumor has it that this guy's where one of the best singers live, Van Halen the total package, they have it all

  2. Holy Shit! I grew up on this getting high on my Apt garage carports back in the early 80s and it still sounds relevant today!!

  3. Put headphones on..crank this tune and walk around Cabrini–Green projects…then you will know what Mean Street is.

  4. I remember when this came out the band I was in we were all 18-19 bought it went to a friends in the country dropped acid…and wellll…..hehe

  5. In 1981, in Mexi-Vato land, Phoenix, BOOM! Them Mexis who LIKED TO ROCK…blasted this shit out!! Oh yeah!! DLR KNEW whazzup….he lived in East L.A…..knew da score…

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