Uriah Heep – Wizard

Amazing BAnd…. Enjoy It!!! Uriah Heep – Wizard


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  1. Wtf is with the fancing chick in the hotpants? She's waaaay out of time! Just eye candy, sexy candy, I guess.

  2. I've heard of Uriah Heap but only heard this song of theirs,  for the very first time.  Over 13 million likes.  Impressive.   I like it.   I will learn this one.

  3. Loved these guys ! Dave Byron was always a fave vocailst of mine…died at 44 if I recall correctly , what a loss! Critics had a field day trying to typecast the band when they didn't fit any one mold…time has proven how great they really were.

  4. I was on Ken's concert few days ago and I'd like to tell him a big thank you. I felt bad before it because of he way this world leads – I'm still at school and my friends mostly don't understan the magic I feel behind rock music. But after the concert I've felt really happy – this guy is so full of positive energy that it just makes you feel positive too…Especially during this song I realized that "we're not so far apart". Thank you Kenny

  5. "but the light pollution has extinguished the starlight 🙁 … "
    Well it certainly has done a number where I live. I bought this album when it came out. And I had a telescope that I built myself. I could see quite a few stars – not a billion but a whole bunch. Now, forty years later it's just sad as all get out. The wizard needs to come back again!!

  6. Heard this for the first time in 40 years and brought tears of grief and Joy to my journey over the years.

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