Uriah Heep – Wizard

Amazing BAnd…. Enjoy It!!! Uriah Heep – Wizard



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  1. I've heard of Uriah Heap but only heard this song of theirs,  for the very first time.  Over 13 million likes.  Impressive.   I like it.   I will learn this one.

  2. Loved these guys ! Dave Byron was always a fave vocailst of mine…died at 44 if I recall correctly , what a loss! Critics had a field day trying to typecast the band when they didn't fit any one mold…time has proven how great they really were.

  3. I was on Ken's concert few days ago and I'd like to tell him a big thank you. I felt bad before it because of he way this world leads – I'm still at school and my friends mostly don't understan the magic I feel behind rock music. But after the concert I've felt really happy – this guy is so full of positive energy that it just makes you feel positive too…Especially during this song I realized that "we're not so far apart". Thank you Kenny

  4. "but the light pollution has extinguished the starlight 🙁 … "
    Well it certainly has done a number where I live. I bought this album when it came out. And I had a telescope that I built myself. I could see quite a few stars – not a billion but a whole bunch. Now, forty years later it's just sad as all get out. The wizard needs to come back again!!

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