Uriah Heep – Sunrise (1972)

Uriah Heep – Sunrise – From Magician’s Birthday album (Release date: November 1, 1972) Uriah Heep – Sunrise (1972)



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  1. Clyde Clifford introduced to this band on his radio show Beaker Street on KAAY AM1090 out of Little Rock. Gypsy was the first song I heard, I was hooked.

  2. I just turned 62 and my musical tastes haven't changed one bit from what I liked when I was young. Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, UFO, Triumph, Ted Nugent, Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, Skynyrd and many more. Most of the'70s Rock music sounds as fresh as it did then. I always feel fortunate that I lived my teens and early twenties during Rock's greatest era. The beginning of METAL was the best thing that ever happened to my ears. We had it ALL in the '70s!!!🎸🤘

  3. I was 13 when I first heard this song. I already had Magicians Birthday and Demons & Wizards. I used to listen to this before hitting the beach to surf in Durban. This was the same year I bought my first motorbike. So many memories tied to this song. Awesome!!

  4. Contrary to some comments UH were pretty popular in the early 70’s. I think that era will go down as the golden age of rock music. UH, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple. UH and the others came after the hippy stuff of the 60’s and they were really setting the stage for the music that followed. I hadn’t heard this song in over 30 years but would catch myself humming it from time to time and make a soon forgotten mental note to download it. This morning I woke up with Sunrise playing in my head so grabbed my trusty iPad and with a few taps there it was. I couldn’t believe I could remember nearly all the lyrics after all those years. Funny how the brain works and vividly recalls certain things after so many years. UH goes with my theory that most great bands have about three really good creative albums in them before their creativity tapers off. Pink Floyd…Darkside, Animals, Wish for example. My favorite is still Salisbury. The 20 minute epic of the same name is just plain genius. I don’t think anyone could get the kids today to sit down to listen to a song that takes up most of side two of the album. It’s a pity, it’s really good music and I think they’re missing out.

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