Uriah Heep – Return to fantasy

It’s from the album “Return to fantasy” released in 1975.
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  1. I was lucky enough to catch them on this tour! Mick Box playing with his wrist in a cast from falling off the stage in Louisville.. Kiss as the opening act on their first tour!

  2. i cry and shout listening to this old but epoch-making fantasy song! travelling faster than lighting…oh! our return to great Uriah Heep. and! what a great and beautiful picture of the album!!!

  3. my brother and I used to have great part's when our parents when out an jammed out to this!! love this song an the memories! ✌💖✌💖✌

  4. Всичко от ерата на Байрон и Хенсли е върхове в музиката.

  5. 久しぶりの
    URIAH HEEP 懐かしい
    Vocal. デゥ"ィトバイロン

  6. Когда слушаю эту песню,всегда думаю-что же ты так рано ушел в свою Фантазию? Очень печально

  7. The lyrics here are some of Hensley's best. He encapsulates or summarizes his entire approach to writing and thinking of songs for the band to play and Byron to sing. I am pleased that his themes always ultimately dealt with the beauty and positive side to life.

  8. Воспоминания молодости. Музыка сопровождает тебя. Прекрасно

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