Uriah Heep – Pilgrim

Uriah Heep – Pilgrim



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  1. uriah heep have been my favorite band my whole life , this album of the " fab five " shows them at their finest . im still sad every janruary when its the anniversary of Davids death . the best vocalist ever in my book . they should have never fired David , David Byron was uriah heep .

  2. Ha ! I wish more people should hear this band I grew up with this band and still maintain why their talent is not acknowledged across the globe like led Zeppelin deep purple Pink Floyd black Sabbath they fall in that category of great bands. I got into Uriah heap music in early seventies had all their collection's on my tapes which I still have. I always come back to hear their music today. I am a musician myself playing for over 40 years now find these guys so amazing even today. What a song this is composition and arrangement absolutely marvelous just listen to crescendo way too good. Uriah heep you rock thanks for such wonderful music.

  3. I have a great memory of seeing Heep in London at the Shepherd's Bush Empire back in 2002 and there were two songs I really wanted them to play–Pilgrim and Shadows of Grief. They read my mind and played both. Bliss!

  4. 'I only knew I had to win

    And build a world where I was king

    But leaders come and leaders go

    And that's the truth I came to know

    Love or war I could not choose

    And so both I had to lose''

    The BEST climax in a UH song and one of the best in the history of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock.

  5. i'm60 y old ..and my whatsapp profile Is SWEET FREEDOM. it was about 1975 i was in high school and it was summer holiday..i told my mom that you're gonna put the pilgrım on in every morning then i will wake up …so..many days i was up with pilgrim… ex wife's and son's favoury song is still…(greetings from istanbul…

  6. Кто сказал,что это слабый альбом?Я считаю его сильнейшим(пилигрим вообще в не конкуренции),а цирк?Какая гитара,какой игривый вокал.Супер команда,настоящая мощь.

  7. That tune is one of the m o s t energizing Rock-piece in the whole hard music world ! Sooo unbelievable! If one day Aliens take over our planet Earth, they might get convinced to be part of us, to have more of the Earthlings Super-Groups-Music ! O:-) PEACE TO ALL WHO LOVES US 🙂

  8. One of all time great Uriah heep tracks great vocals from the late and missed David Byron and just love Mick way wah guitar play.great music simply the best and the arrangement is just simply AWESOME

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