UFO – This Kid’s including Between the Walls

Banda: UFO

Rola: This Kid’s including Between the Walls

Album: Force It

Año: 1975






GRACIAS!!! UFO – This Kid’s including Between the Walls


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  1. Final track from my personal favorite UFO album.Between the walls is the best and classiest outro of any album in existance

  2. When Force It came out I never heard a single track on it .I just knew it would be another great album by UFO.I was right.

  3. seems very led zeppelin inspired, then again…page is probably michaeals biggest influence

  4. I lent my Force It European import vinyl to a guy at school. He never returned it.
    He was an a-hole but at least he had good taste too 🙂

  5. My favourite UFO track(s), melodic but tough. Listening to this as I type, it's really is fucking awesome. Love the melancholic solo right at the end too

  6. the Live version off Strangers is actually better…Schenker's guitar riffs are crazy good and his live tone is insane…cuts like knife

  7. I remember when this was out back in the ‘70s the couple on the cover was actually naked. They added the clothes years later…..

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