Twisted Sister – Under The Blade (1982)

Twisted Sister
Album: Ruff Cutts (1982) Twisted Sister – Under The Blade (1982)



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  1. It's funny how Tipper Gore was always so wrong with her vague comparisons. This song is about BDSM? That's news to me…I mean, the song lyrics aren't exactly "innocent" but they have nothing to do with BDSM…Somebodies christian housewife mind was certainly in the gutter.

  2. Dee and twisted sister did a lot for metal in general compared to the other peers of the time this #1 metal band seriously got overlooked. Oh yeah "TURN IT UP". If its not metal it's crap.

  3. Boy this brings back memories:
    Back somewhere around 1985 I was the crew chief at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center and it was somewhere around 5:330pm. We were finishing up the setup for TS and they were onstage doing a sound check. We where putting up a barricade and was having a horrible time with it as it was an old piece of shit.
    Right in the middle of playing "Under the Blade" Dee stops everything. He looks down off the stage at myself and probably 15 other stagehands and said "NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I SEEN SO MANY DO SO LITTLE WITH SO MUCH" and started pissing and moaning and complaining. Ever since that day I've hated Dee Snyder. I still kind of like TS but Dee Snyder, if you ever read this, Bite my Wiener!

  4. I been listening to Twisted Sister since 1984.. Always loved them and still play them a lot. His next band was awesome to the Widow Maker… Little more heavier but an amazing band which sadly they only had 2 cds. His solo stuff is amazing too especially his take on Crazy Train. Always loved Dee Snider and crew 🙂

  5. I met Dee in a IHOP in Long Island when I was 8 years old. He was making funny faces at me and came over to say hi. I was so starstruck I could not say a word. Just has a goofy grin. Thanks Dee !!!! oo/ – _ – oo/

  6. Oh man this track takes me right back to being a really off the rails teenager. I only had my mother in my life and she worked nights in a nursing home. So every night was party night for me and my girlfriends and friends. I supplied LSD and amphetamines to those who wanted it. There was also always plenty of booze. I used to play this at full watts. Then we’d usually play some Depeche Mode, usually the album violator when the lights were off and everyone was tripping balls and getting off with each other. Fast times and I had thrills and spills most kids will never have. But I should really have been at college getting a degree. Instead after years of speed, ecstasy and cocaine abuse I turned to heroin. My life went down the toilet. I eventually got clean and was sober, didn’t take anything for four years and life became much better. I had a pretty sweet job as a restaurant manager. Then one night I got a call that my brother who was in Australia (my family have dual citizenship) had committed suicide. I had to go and tell my mother that her baby boy was dead. I just went numb. In the morning I immediately phoned one of my old contacts and got six grams dropped off. I started off with very small doses and began to up them. We had to go to Australia to bury my brother. When we got back to Scotland I began to use heroin again. I tried very hard to keep it to twice a week and just drink and smoke weed in between times. The wheels fell off that plan almost immediately and I had a full on relapse because I didn’t want to feel the agonising grief that I knew bubbles away just below the service. The relapse lasted years. I was sent to a very expensive rehab centre. That didn’t work at all. After almost six months of intensive therapy in groups and one on one. I drove away from that rehab and was high before the sun went down. The

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