Suicidal Tendencies – You can’t bring me down

Song taken from Suicidal Tendencies 1990 album “Lights Camera, Revolution” Suicidal Tendencies – You can’t bring me down



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  1. I got screwed over on a promotion at a job I've been doing for 18 years and my career hit the dead end. I play S T and Slipknot songs for personal therapy and to let my new boss and coworkers know just how I feel while I look for a new job.

  2. Perfect song for all the SJW snowflakes who gets offended and triggered by everything the left never approves, why should I apologize to you when it's not good enough, for you snowflakes? Huh? How about I'm HAPPY you're fucking offended?!! Since an apology is NOT good enough, okay then FUCK YOU!!!

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