Scorpions – Sails Of Charon – HD!

Scorpions – Sails Of Charon –

Klaus Meine (Vocals)
Rudolph Schenker (Guitar)
Uli Jon Roth (Guitar)
Francis Buchholz (Bass)
Herman Rarebell (Drums) Scorpions – Sails Of Charon – HD!



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  1. ειχα αυτους τους δισκους μικρος εκανα το λαθος και τους πουλησα !!!και ειχα ολους τους δισκους τοτε !!!και τωρα καθομαι και ακουω αυτα τα κομματια και λεω τι λαθος εκανα !ισως το καλυτερο group που υπαρχει!!!!

  2. The guy with the Strat. Notice how high-slung the guitar is? The best guitarists put the guitar where it needs to be. Uli Roth: low in image, high in innovation/originality, style, and technique.

  3. My summer playlist:

    Scorpions …sails of Charon
    Amulet… black candle
    Atomic rooster….black snake
    Gamma… voyager
    Monstrose…. bad motor scooter
    Uriah heap…the wizard
    White witch….aunti Christie
    Deep purple…storm bringer
    Rush…. 2112
    AC/DC ….night prowler
    Pentagram…. 20 buck spin
    Free… I’ll be creeping
    Five man electric band…werewolf
    Iron claw… Crossrocker
    Fireball… clouds across the sun
    Dirty tricks….night man
    Salem mass…the drifter
    Spooky tooth….. evil woman
    Baker gurvitz army…. mystery
    Bad axe….poor man run
    Pentagram…walk in the blue light

    There’s your 70s homework. (Amulet is more recent but the have 70s vibe)

  4. okay, first point…..herman rarebell is probably one of the best drummers that ever lived, he is showing in this video how he orchestrated the whole thing, klaus is a great vocalist, rudy is the best rhythm guitarist who ever drew breathe and that is taking to account malcolm young who was pretty damn great himself but is this not one of the greatest bands that ever lived? what am i missing? scorpions will always be one of my faves and seeing you at monsters of rock at schaefer in 1988 will always be one of the highlights of my life

  5. Anyone else just search "songs in a phrygian mode?" not disappointed one bit. Although they seem to accidental the third to a major a lot if my ear is not mistaken. I think that's still considered Phrygian though I'm the context of this song? Any music nerds out there with thoughts on the matter?

  6. The first KILLER display of what would forever be known as "shredding." I know there are other examples but IMO this really popularized and put shredding on the map. Uli Roth. Legend. Did NOT overshred into the ground like so many "shredders" that followed in the 80's.

  7. Dear U tubers, I am not only grateful for the German Government to grant me visa to stay for a period for which time I stayed in Langenhagen…Birthplace of Scorpions and attended a concert, but also enjoyed Germany's Hannover Concerts… " Ich Liebe und vermisse Deutschland seit 1995 ..Hannover, Braunschweig, Hamburg—-St. Pauli best peep shows…Frankfurt….Im tired you get it

  8. Love love love! Give credit to talent where it's due! Overlooked over the years? It's up to those in the know to spread the word about the history of rock. Hello great tune!

  9. Uli Jon Roth doing a solo at the beginning of a song and making it work!!! One of the best guirist that people over look when they make a best guitarist list. Him, along with Akira Takasaki from Loudness, and Nuno Bentincourt from Extreme need to get thier guitar greats dues!!!

  10. Without a doubt…this is the finest Scorpions tune in their catalog! It's a shame they did not stay in this direction instead of verse chorus verse pop metal of today. I'm not even sure their fans of today even know of their earlier work with Roth…even if they did they probably wouldn't understand?

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