Saxon – Ride Like the Wind

un video de Saxon! Saxon – Ride Like the Wind



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  1. Cover better than original? Depends on the style that pleasant your ears. For instance, if you like a hard rock, for sure that Saxon's version will be the best. In the other hand, if you like pop songs, the Cross' version will be the best one. I like both!!!

  2. Never in a million years would it have even remotely occurred to me that Saxon could – let alone would – cover the classic Christopher Cross single that I had bought all the way back in 1980 when I was thirteen years old. But 26 years later, they did. And did it amazingly well.

  3. Good cover, but sold themselves in pursuit of a cut of the US hair rock market in the mid – late 80s. They were never cute or hooky enough really, and returned to grimy old Brit metal which made all people blessed with ears happy!

  4. fue un buen cover y c oye mejor q la original y fue d lo ultimo q hizo con su disquera emi lastima ya desd el 86 empezaban a tener exito comercial con su album: rock the nations q estaba como invitado especial en el piano mister elton john y emi les debio d haber renovado su contrato ya q despues sacaron excelentes albums como the eagle as landed part 3

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