Runnin Through The Night – American Noise

Cleveland Ohio’s own American Noise! It’s what you have been waiting for! This is the official video put out by Planet Records in 1980 way before MTV!
Craig Balzer, Bruce Balzer, Tommy Rich, Greg Holt, George Sipl and Jerry Moran. Runnin Through The Night – American Noise



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  1. I admit, I saw them quite a few times…The Cleveland Connection, the Landing Pad in Strongsville and even when they opened for Breathless at The Agora. When they were "on" they were really good. They were never the same after they lost Tommy to Donnie Iris.

  2. This was one of the first videos I remember seeing. It was on a program called Video Concert Hall. This was a year or so before MTV and I think the program aired on the USA network. They played this band, Shoes from Zion, IL, and a bunch of other great bands. Thanks for finding and posting this – I was beginning to think I imagined them.

  3. Saw then as much as me and my friends could – I remember going to New Philly and Massillon to see them! They were THE BEST Cleveland band in the 80's. I never understood why they didn't make it big, but maybe too much success would have ruined them.
    Polly, thanks for sharing and please do post more. Sorry to hear that Craig has passed….

  4. @akisxxy
    What this is, is a band that, if you listen closely, is moving at about 100 M.P.H. and change and actually relating a story that is a hell of a lot more edgy than half of the posturing tripe that passes for rock and roll lately. Genres are for focus groups. Not writers. This may seem a bit tame now, but I can tell you that live, this band could part the hair of the first 40 rows and when they hit the stage it was "1, 2, 3, FAW!" and… gone daddy-o. Not a speck of cereal.

  5. I went to the World Series Of Rock, In New Philadelphia, Ohio in 1980 I think it was? Had some influences (Blotter) working that day. We were in this little Redneck Town that blew up to be a City. 4 Big names played that day. Headliners Pat Benatar, Eddie Money, Cleveland's Wild Horses (Funky Poodle) and Clev's. American Noise. We laughed at all the Rednecks who never heard of any of the Bands. Joints 10" long being passed around had them Dancing. We had a BLAST! Thanks For the Post.

  6. hey wildfireatm3, the WSORock was in Cleveland; New Philly held the Super Bowl of Rock and Roll in Aug 1980 and it wasn't Wild Horses – it was Love Affair. All the rest is correct; including the 10"ers. What a great show that was, too.

  7. Wow, I don't remember this song from back in the day. I just recently heard Michael Stanley playing it on WNCX and absolutely had to fInd out who this is. This song is an 'effing JAM!!!!!!!!!! This is real rock and roll. AMAZING!!!!!!

  8. I recall having several conversations with Greg regarding the success of the band in the early 80s. I may have also spoken with Polly, Craig's then girlfriend and later wife, on the subject. This was my theory then. Had the Noise's album dropped anytime prior to '77, they would've achieved similar status as other Midwestern bands that became perennial concert draws, like Cheap Trick, Styx and REO Speedwagon. By the time the album dropped the musical landscape had drastically changed, due to the edginess of punk, post-punk and New Wave. Bands like The Who, Mott the Hoople and the Kinks, who were obvious influences, were all way past their prime or defunct. Perhaps if AM had taken cues from The Cars or The Romantics they would've been able to profitably tour and make records for as long as they wanted to. Just my two cents.

    Mind you, none of this is written to throw shade. I totally enjoyed the record and their live shows. Just always wondered why they didn't do the things that could've increased their chances to become a far
    bigger act. Really, I wanted to see a Cleveland band (that I knew) blow up.

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