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  1. DAMM THAT WRECKLESSS ? I did that lost GARBAGE HUMAN DIS)_POSSIER ? LOST MY BLOND WHIG >? with Legoninia Stampenme it ? Thouught Trump ..,.WAS A REAL MONKKEY?

  2. Сильнейшая вещь 👍 Назарет одна из моих любимых западных групп . Услышал в 13 лет и влюбился ,сейчас мне 35 и любовь не иссякла

  3. It's so damn cool how this song starts with a simple palm muted guitar riff, some piano chords and an occasional hihat and bass accent and slowly expands into the beauty that is the final verse.

  4. Ставил рингтон, потом убрал, все вызовы были пропущены хотелось дослушать до конца.

  5. It's kinda cool how they insert a reference to the Byrds – and to their cover of Joni Mitchell's This Flight Tonight. All in the same song.

  6. Man I just love Nazareth. I started playing my mom an dad's albums when I was 8 or 9 i think around 75 or 76 idk But I thought it was the most awesome thing I'd ever heard… still do 🙂

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