Motörhead – Orgasmatron

Motorhead Orgasmatron mm/ Motörhead – Orgasmatron


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  1. Saw them with AC on this tour. I miss him so much. I had tears for my DAD when he pass. But when Lemmy pass I actually broke down cried Massively It broke my Heart

  2. Motorhead, back on the tour for this album had a giant Orgasmatron Train stage prop, but the gigs they had (particularly in N. America) were too small of venues to fit the thing into. A similar thing happened to Black Sabbath on the "Born Again" tour; the Stonehenge monument stage prop couldn't be fit into the venues they played because they were too small. As Lemmy observed in his autobiography, "every band who uses stage gimmicks has had a Spinal Tap moment of malfunction in their career". Sad, but true. RIP LEMMY

  3. It all started with a sit com they use to play on MTV when it was cool in the 80'S.The Young Ones. Wow!!!! just blew me away.!!! Maybe 10 OR 11 yrs old. Then many yrs later saw Motorhead with Judas Priest and Testament WOW what a show!!!!! LONG LIVE LEMMY!!!! REST IN PEACE!!!!!

  4. My first band tshirt was of Motorhead….i was unknown abt motorhead that time …but later on i was proud to wear that…RIP Lemmy… alwyz in my Head…

  5. Your bones will build my palaces,
    Your eyes will stud my crown,
    For I am Mars, the God of War,
    And I,
    D O W N!

  6. MORENO 333 Maizales @ABIGEATOPICO Cosecha negra 666 El dia que tengas hijos ciertamente MORIRAS …Saturno frio y vigilante de los GUARDIANES IRON MAIDEN…

  7. These 3, religion, politics and war, are humanity's greatest murderers, and I suppose everybody can easily agree with this. You bring them together, and you've got mankind's destroyer.

  8. I got to see Mo'head several times, but my favorite Lemmy story: a friend of mine and I caught Mo'Head in SanFran one night (at some club, they were moonlighting while on a tour). We both had to work, but got off and raced over there. We got there 2 songs into the 1st set, we got a drink and headed to the floor, they're finishing up some song (I forget), and a fan tosses Lemmy a pint of JD. Lemmy pounds it, and throws the empty bottle at his sound guy and yells "…if you fucking touch that sound board again, I'm gonna come down there and kick your fucking ass!", and then they busted into Orgazmatron…fucking epic night! m/

  9. The day's i feel like drop kicking some mother fucker's. I crank up some motorhead and I'm good to go hahah

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