Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar + Lyrics

Grateful Death, Thin Lizzy, Metallica Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar + Lyrics



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  1. To chris 14473…..Great classical wonderful Irish music played by great Irish musicians sounds like great wonderful classic music, very pleasing,fun, exciting,  and artistic. Great classic Irish music when attempted by a bunch of burnt-out rock assholes sounds like great Irish music ruined by a bunch of burnt-out assholes. It is equivalent to Janis "burnt-out-druggie" Joplin ruining Kristoffferson's "Bobby McGee" as she did in the States. Would you call me a purist, I guess?….Duke Ellington said it best…."There is good music and there is bad music….the way to tell the difference is to listen."….. Meatall-shit-ca is bad music.That's what I hear when I listen.What a shame, as you say.

  2. I'm surprised so many people are down on this old recording. The Rhythm guitars are phat. Drumming is always good from what's his name as long as he's not talking or thinking of talking. The vocals and phrasing are done modern but still hear the unique lyrics. The lead guitar is all I would say is below par. Suprisingly awkward. Sounds like James H. played it. More importantly than ANYTHING though, this song makes me Feel something.  It gets me energized.So it's not horrible at all. Rather, it rocketh imho.

  3. I LOVE THIS VERSION!  Best I've heard in a long time! Sure, I like the traditional, but I also like it better than the Thin Lizzy version…I love the energy they put into it too!

  4. Every man and his dog has sung this, I even believe they sing it in pubs in Ireland at drinking-up time! Don't let these comments detract from this very creditable version though. Even musicians as 'far' from Mettalica such as Bill Monroe The Farther of Bluegrass have sung it! However we will have to wait until some bright spark post his version aswell!

  5. Grateful Dead rehearsed this at Club Front. Check out the So Many Roads box set. but I think Garcia & Grisman played live. at least it's on some disc or discs of theirs. don't recall about live.

  6. One last comment for the evening. After trying to download one of my most favorite old Mettilica songs, I didn't realize how old this Irish drinking song is, let alone, how many different artists play it. Amazing. I will personally say that I think, I like you guys version the best! Maybe because I'm just an old valley Irish girl who really likes heavy metal and whiskey! ROCK ON METALLICA!

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