Judas Priest – Victim Of Changes

One of their first songs.
But the first time it apaered was on the “SAD WINGS OF DESTINY” (1976) album.

Rob Halford: Vocals
K.K. Downing: Guitar
Glenn Tipton: Guitar
Ian Hill: Bass Guitar
Alan Moore – Drums

Whiskey woman don’t you know that you are drivin’ me insane
The liquor you give stems your will to live and gets right to my brain
Don’t you know you’re driving me insane
You’re tryin’ to find your way through life
You’re tryin’ to get some new direction
Another woman got her man
She won’t find no new connection

Takes another drink or two, things look better when she’s through

Takes another look around, you’re not goin’ anywhere
You’ve realized you’re gettin’ old and no one seems to care
You’re tryin’ to find your way again
You’re tryin’ to find some new…
Another woman’s got her man
But she won’t find a new…

Takes another drink or two, things look better when she’s through

You ‘bin foolin’ with some hot guy
I want to know why is it why
Get up get out you know you really blew it
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough, good God pluck me

[SOLO (K.K./Glenn)]

Once she was wonderful
Once she was fine
Once she was beautiful
Once she was mine…she was mine

Now change has come over her body, she doesn’t see me anymore
Now change has come over her body, she doesn’t see me anymore

Changes, changes, changes, changes
Victim of changes Judas Priest – Victim Of Changes



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  1. The SADDEST PART OF THIS musical masterpiece,,,
    It's No fucking lie !!!!!
    They are all destined to change and we are left in COLD.
    BUT BE PROUD!!!!!!!!
    BE A MAN !!!!!

  2. I was asked recently if someone put a gun to my head and said they would take away all my albums from my collection but leave me with only one song from each band, which song would I pick? For Metallica I picked "Creeping Death". For KISS I picked "Detroit Rock City". For Deep Purple I picked "Highway Star". For Black Sabbath it was "War Pigs". I had to really think about some of those, but when it came to Judas Priest it didn't take me long at all to say "Victim Of Changes". It has everything going for it. Super solid song!

  3. THIS IS METAL thou depressed children of screamo, mask-wearing, 7 string, drop-D tuned, no solo playing piles of garbage. Take your pick, there are many to choose from. Without Priest or Sabbath there would be none of them. If you are one of the 843 dislikes then you are obviously attracted to Rob…and its ok. We still love you! That is all. Good day.

  4. I remember when I was young and my dad told me this is his favorite song because it always remind him of his friend doing stupid shit at school back in the days throwing chairs at the windows and jumping over a campfire and jamming out.and his friend pass away and everytime I hear him play this song I always think he thinking of him and always have a beer in his hands that's why I like this song so much and I always will

  5. Главный хит Джудас Прист! Благодаря этой песни Джудас Прист перевернули представление о Роке! В песне столько разных и необычных переходов, что просто бесподобно слушать!! Муражки по коже!

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