Helix – Rock You

Helix – Rock You (uncensored) , don´t know why, there som tit´s flashing by for a sec or so…maby thats the reason Helix – Rock You



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  1. no one:
    jacob: gets sick turns red
    ricky: jacob i knew you were a fucking alien (whips out gun points it a jacob)
    lucy trinity sarah: ricky put the goddamn gun away….

  2. This was my 2nd favorite song in 1985, written down on my high school form: "What is your favorite song?" Number 1, being "Underground"by Angel City. I kept looking for a song with the refrain, "I'm going down to the underground ". I had forgotten about Helix and "Rock You"
    Give me an r!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!
    ps a bit demonic and over the top, kinda funny video in hell, lol.
    Still like the song, though

  3. Helix was a wicked concert fuck I sold a lot of dope at that concert I mean, they had good lyrics “give me and R O C K” and the crowd yells rock really loud, now that’s a fucking concert

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