Eddie Van Halen – Eruption

Eddie Van Halen playing Eruption Thanks everyone for the views and very sexual comments.
(Studio Version) Eddie Van Halen – Eruption



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  1. And so the crystal ball screed – After the 5 year old farter has been expelled, like gas from a bloated frenchmans belly. Then the Drag Queen King's missing tenner will reappear. But because of the kitchens hand stoking the furnace fire too diligently, all the coal tan will soon deplete from the sour and exhausted soil (saturated with amonia and hollow mustard seeds)

    Only kept usable thanks to backdoor Moores and their fecal transplants – lasting as long as a 7 year itch – only for an eruption of rainbow colored sewage, suppressed under matrimonial arcs to erupt, like a Van Halen solo!

    This, and far more treacherous and wicked prophecies, that are actually orders for hired swindlers to setup and stage. The purview of the black islanders, who live in the black blocks that delienate cross word puzzles.

    Striving to stay in the dark at all costs necessary. German enigmas, that stretch from China, to India, to Brazil, to Russia. Domain of the desperate, who use wickedness as shock tactics to power and pump the back flow pipes they depend upon, to draw resources in.

    For goods siphoned through the backdoor. Who rely on the vary cost (varicose veins and arteries, used by pawned and suspended silver coins). Because mainlines, even if running across all available time left, cannot support and sustain all of humanity, allegedly

    Most resources dominated and monopolized by space hogs in a war with time bandits, leaving refugees and deserters like scattered leaves.

    As Gravitational versus Dejected forces, race with each other in and endless loop, to see who reaches the end first (a none existent end, because exits have been sealed up into seems.

    A race to write and rewrite, endings that are beginnings (Because these two tweedledees and dums, keep hacking and under/over cutting each other, using human jabber wockies, like walky talkies pawns, across time)

  2. thriller author of NINTH CAR at @t books sez: THE most awesome single piece of guitar work I've ever heard–like rays of light pouring down from heaven. Only guitar solo that ever put tears in my eyes.

  3. An “Eruption” of purely godlike musical vibrations flowing into our ears by the way of nothing but the searing hot lava of Eddie’s technical prowess shooting out of a volcano of excellence, overloading us as it overflows our bodies and takes us down to our cores.
    It doesn’t let us rest as it ignites our bones as well we’ve been released back into this cold world

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