Dream deciever (Sad Wings OF Destiny)

Judas Priest Dream deciever (Sad Wings OF Destiny)



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  1. I remember my old tape with the sad wings of destiny album. It was my first priest's one with its so mysterious and romantic cover. Best album ever

  2. Their are not enough cool words, to discribe this song. priest were great in 80s-00s. I hate to say it, but I feel they regressed from this stage in their career. Yes fellow metalheads I loved painkiller too, but this song gives me goosebumps each time I hear it. Songs like this are rare so rare that they sound like they are from some other realm. "Said in the cosmos is a single sonic sound and it is vibrateing constintly." God that is good.

  3. @deathclock9 iam not going to lie, ive heard this same exact concert (old grey whistle test '75 i believe) and it didnt sound THIS good. I think someone did something to it.

  4. I bought t Sad Wings of Destiny as an Import to Canada in about summer 76 and was blown away with the brilliant songwriting the vocals and guitar work bravo what a great video this is thanks

  5. Dude, i didn't know what you were talking about untill a day ago when i saw the docu about that guy who blew his poor face off trying to kill himself to this tune.
    What a bad trip.

  6. This version is far superior to the one on the album. Halford is one of a kind man. Priest is spilling over with talent. Should have been in the hall of fame for years by now.

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