dio – holy diver

the second video by the metal god dio – holy diver



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  1. *Normal people are born
    *Good people become singers
    *Better people become singers by self learning to blow a trampoline
    *Best people start a band (Elf)
    *Great people get to hang out with Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow)
    *Greater people join Black Sabbath as Ozzy's replacement
    *Greatest people make the other Black Sabbath want to make another band with him (Heaven and Hell)
    *Legends invent this…🤘🏻
    *Meta legends start their own band after Black Sabbath (Dio)
    *Mega legends inspire Tenacious D
    *Ultra legends are in GTA, South Park etc
    *Only a god can become a JoJo reference

    RIP Ronnie James Dio, you were all things and more.

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