Demon – Don’t Break The Circle

Music video by Demon of the track “Don’t Break The Circle”. Consent given by DEMON to display this promotional video here to promote their appearance at Firefest 4. Demon – Don’t Break The Circle



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  1. woh this is modern and i thought metal was dead from that bullshit ppl call nu metal. so the legend of Metal still lives and it didnt die after all

  2. wow, this instatly became the most memorable live song I ever watched on youtube… before knowing a band, thanks Blind Guardian fro bringing me to this greatness!

  3. New Album "UNBROKEN" now released SEPTEMBER 17th 2012, Demon play HAMMER OF DOOM Festival NOVEMBER 9th 2012 WURZBURG, GERMANY

  4. Balingen, Germany, 2005. I was privileged to have been there and to witness Demon's live performance. Unforgettable! Pity, it was shortened due to bad weather the previous night (a real "Night Of The Demon"!)

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