Deep Purple-Bloodsucker

Gotta black breast Chinese eyes
Got an English brain that’s gonna make me wise
Got a long story that I wanna tell
To a rhythm that I know so well
Really got a lot of lovin’ that I wanna give
Baby I’m a mystery but you know I gotta live
I tried another but she didn’t want to know

Take a hold now if you can
Take a lesson from a hard lovin’ man
I’m a long way from where I wanna go
Guess I’ll stay awhile I really love you so
How’s about another sip of all the wine you got
Take a tip from me and give it here I’ll drink the lot
I’m not a winey, I’m a puttin’ on a show

You really really grab me but I’ve gotta move
Before they know I’m here and spread the news
Maybe in while when I’ve moved around
I can find a way to pay you back your twenty pounds
Really got a lot of lovin’ that I wanna give
Baby I’m a mystery but you know I gotta live
I tried another but she didn’t want to know Deep Purple-Bloodsucker



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  1. Classic, great music, whether you call it hard rock, heavy metal, or simply rock n roll! There's no time to think about the exact genre when you're listening to Deep Purple! Must just enjoy the music!

  2. When Rap came out I said it sounds like Bloodsucker. Another genra from the master Crafters of different styles. Ritchie sounds great and what a solo. Lord, Paice and Glover the greatest four musicians together. They may of had personal problems but they didn't have a problem writing great songs. A band with no fillers just great on every song.

  3. We all know Smoke On The Water ( personally i don't like it that much ). But a song that is really something else is "Bloodsucker". The drumming was extremely groovy, like nothing we had heard in rock before. It is quite heavy, even if it has a early 70's sound. And the screaming of Ian Gillan is very impressive. I wonder "how he could sing like that?"

  4. a hard rock band (sorry I think Sabbath were a little bit heavier) but with a heavy metal singer (at the time). Still absolutely great though.

  5. Can´t wait to see them for the third time! they´re awesome live! yes Ians voice is not the same as it used to be but hey, the´re still kicking some ass

  6. No-one screamed like Gillan! Although, it wasn't really screaming, it was very high-range vocals, and he had a lot of control. Love the way he could almost perfectly match Blackmore's guitar licks on Made In Japan (Strange Kind Of Woman). He was amazing in his day. Robert Plant was pretty cool too in the same sort of way when Zep did stuff like The Immigrant Song and Four Sticks.

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